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              Suppliers List

              Guangzhou Beian Lock Technology Co., Ltd

              Main Products:

              Introduct: Incorporated in early 2011, Guangzhou Beian Lock Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional company which is committed to advocating the safety conception of “ Personal safety first; locked-out safety second”and provides the solutions to safety locks,safety signs, personal protection articles and other supporting facilities.   Our Company introduces advanced manufacturing levels and concepts adopted among international peers and focuses not only on the research and development and manufacture of new products but even more on product quality in order to supply reliable safety protection articles for all customers and create a professional,standard and safe working environment for all staff members   The Spirit of Enterprise   Innovation oriented, service first. Innovation is the pursuit of BEIAN-LOCK, development is BEIAN-LOCK's goal. innovation will have a life, innovation is development.   Purpose   Committed to serving the community, and strive to achieve the win-win situation.   Mission   We have the courage to bear the social responsibility and strive to promote the development and growth of BEIAN-LOCK.   Values   We are unrelenting and hard-working. Passion, dedication, devotion are our values.   Vision   To create an intimate service for the customer, provide a worthy of long-term rely on career for the staff.   Business Philosophy   With the talent and innovation as the foundation, to create the highest quality product and service, makes the contribution for the development of BEIAN-LOCK.   Contact Person: Edison Liu Guangzhou Beian Lock Technology Co., Ltd E: edison @beian-lock.cn Cell: +8613318460337  Web: https://www.beian-lock.com/ Address: F9, Building 4A, Dongying Kechuangyuan, Panyu District, Guangzhou, China,

              HeAnd Industries (Hong Kong) Limited

              Main Products: 0.20dB SC APC/UPC Optical Fiber Fast Connector, 0.15dB SM/MM 250/900μm Optical Fiber Mechanical Splice,

              Introduct: Founded in 2014, HeAnd has a professional engineer and service team, who have more than 10 years of experience in the field. Our target is to offer guaranteed quality product and package solution at reasonable price. We are endeavoured to simple and reliable partnership, from early designing to after-sales service. Committed to innovation and social responsibility, HeAnd strictly follows the international standard like CE, Rohs, UL, CSA, TIA/EIA, ITU, IEC, etc., and Code of Ethics, not limited to purchasing, manufacturing, sales, delivery, service, but in our complete supply chain management. Our products are widely used in China and abroad, such as China Telecom (China), Starhub (Singapore), Viettel (Vietnam)(including its subsidiaries in more than 10 countries), and wholesalers in UAE, Chile, South Africa, etc., popular products like Optical Fiber Fast Connector, Optical Fiber Mechanical Splice, Optical Fiber Cable, Patch Cord, Pigtail, etc.  ,


              Main Products: tilapia, Carp fish, red pomfret,

              Introduct: We are one of the leading fish products suppliers from China, focusing on fish exports for more than 15 years. The products mainly offer are tilapia, catfish, red pomfret, Pangasius, mackerel, Grey Mullet, skip jack tuna etc. both resh water fish and sea fish. we offer top quality fish to our customers. we have our standard processing facilities, all these facilities are under HACCP regulations, and strict quality st andards to make sure our product are with good quality to our customers we also have our own procument team, to offer our buyers a one stop solutions for their needs. you can trust us for fish. our know-how of the product, processionals will be your good choices. ,

              EXCEL HARD TOOLS CO.,LTD

              Main Products:

              Introduct: Our company, Excel hard tools Co.,Ltd is a leading supplier in super-hard material products, mainly including Polycrystalline Diamond Compact,  Polycrystalline Diamond wire drawing die blanks, polycrystalline cubic boron nitride compact cutters,  polycrystalline diamond compact cutters,etc.   Our company is located in  Yuanyang County,XinXiang City, Henan Province and we own many top technologists of super-hard material industry and strong technical force.Meanwhile, we have been in this line for many years and won good reputation at home and abroad for supreme quality, reasonable price and satisfactory after-sale service as well.,

              Shaoxing Zhu Rong Home Technology Co. , Ltd.

              Main Products: Sugarcane pulp snack pack box whole biological health meal box,

              Introduct: Shaoxing Zhurong Home Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Shaoxing Paojiang Economic and Technological Development Zone. It is a company specializing in the development of biodegradable environmental protection products solutions for customized market. The company's brand business is Picturesque Biotech /Ruhua Biotech with the trademark "Picturesque Biotech".   Facing the future of carbon neutrality, the company relies on industrial energy, integrates industrial scientific research technology and polymer talent resources for the market, and promotes the development of the green soft packaging industry through product customization. The whole biodegradable plastic is an environmentally friendly material process through microbial decomposition under specific conditions in nature. Disposable applications include Disposable /Industrial supplies, daily Necessities/Aily Necessities, Medical supplies /Medical supplies, It is widely used in retail, food and beverage takeout, hotels and other household goods, logistics loss prevention packaging, industrial and agricultural products, business and foreign trade and other fields.   Picturesque Biotechnology has applied the modification technology of PLA, PBS, PBAT, cellulose and PHA to the development, production and sales of the whole biodegradation series products.   Bag products: garbage bag/shopping bag/gift bag/express bag.   Food and beverage products: dishes, chopsticks, spoons and forks/packing boxes/drink cups/straws.   Membrane products: plastic wrap/winding film/heat-shrinkable film/agroplastic film and other industrial and commercial and household packaging supplies customized production.   Picture-perfect view of the concept of healthy home life and safety, green, environmental protection, low carbon as the business development mission, to integrate commensal social feelings and people of vision to work together and seek common green soft bag business chapter,

              Dongguan Gangtian Polymer Materials Co.,Ltd.

              Main Products:

              Introduct: Dongguan Gangtian Polymer Materials Co.,Ltd, located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China, is a professional leading manufacturer of RTV 2 Liquid Silicone Rubbers.     Focusing our Research and Development on innovation, we have been providing performance enhancing solutions to serve the diverse needs of thousands of customers worldwide since the year of 2003.     Our main products include RTV 2 mold making series, tinsil and platsil, RTV 2 platsil for products, injection LSR, silicone potting compound, silicone oil, silicone ink, etc.     With penetrating Professionalism in technology solutions and Honesty in after service, we GT Polymer Materials Co., Ltd are not only a trustworthy partner but also a good friend to the customers worldwide. Brand Story - Gangtian, founded in 2003 in Dongguan, by Yuanfu Deng, a Chinese chemist and engineer in the field of polymer materials, is a silicone factory brand. "Gang", or port, is a new place near sea for him to cultivate. "Tian", or field, stands for his hometown, a very small village in Hengyang, Hunan Province. Influenced by his parents who were both farmers, he creatively combines the company culture with Eastern wisdom, to work on the vision of "Making a better life with magic silicone rubber". With his efforts and achievements in R & D of silicone rubbers, we have been serving hundreds of domestic and overseas customers with quality materials for more than 15yrs. And now our production capacity reaches to more than 500tons per month.     We uphold the core values of "create value for partners" and create value for e-commerce and information service industry through independent innovation and sincere co-op with "honesty, tolerance, innovation and service" as the spirit of enterprise. We always warmly welcome you to join us. Let's go and explore this magic world of silicones!,


              Main Products:

              Introduct: Nanchang longze apparel co.,ltd. is a manufacturer and exporter, established in 2018. We have several experienced and professional team member who are graduated from China top one textile university and fond of research. So we are running at the frontline of the garment industry. Compression wear, seamless sportswear, function underwear, military and corp uniform are our main product. With our professional team member and good service, we became the supplier to many many big customer.  Such as Costco, Quebec province  contractor,  Renner,  RCHLO.   Nanchang longze apparel co.,ltd. is a compression wear manufacturer, a compression wear supplier, your compression shirt, compression legging, compression shorts, compression half tights, compression accessories' first choice.   Nanchang longze apparel co.,ltd. is a seamless sportswear manufacturer, a seamless sportswear supplier, your motor cycling seamless base layer, ski seamless base layer, running seamless base layer, seamless sports bra, seamless boxers's first choice.   Nanchang longze apparel co.,ltd. is a function underwear manufacturer,a function underwear supplier, your heat tech underwear, cool function underwear, drirelease wool, drirelease cotton, drirelease tencel underwear, moisture wicking and quick dry polyester underwear, merino wool underwear, anti-bacterial underwear, PP filament underwear, PP stable fiber underwear first choice.   Nanchang longze apparel co.,ltd. is a military and corp uniform manufacturer, a military and corp  uniform  supplier,  ,

              Topeagle International Ltd

              Main Products:

              Introduct: producing industrial sewing machine from 1996,we are the most important company industrial,The company has a research and development team, standard production lines, experienced engineers, perfect management concepts and humanized management systems. It also has a number of patented products, and the industrial sewing machines produced are suitable for the sewing of luggage, handbags, leather goods, shoes and other materials. The products conform to industry standards, and in addition to being sold nationwide, they are also exported to Southeast Asia, Europe and other places.,

              Dongguan Huayicai Landscape Technology Co., Ltd

              Main Products:

              Introduct: Company Profile · Experienced.        HOYECHI has a 20-year history of production and operation, and is a strong manufacturer in China. · Excellent Quality.        We can provide UL certification, CE certification, and we have obtained ISO9001 certification. We supply products to Wal-Mart and Kestrel. · Perfect Service.        (1) Design Service.          Describe to us what kind of product you need and we will design it for you.       (2) Installation Service.          HOYECHI can come to your location to install the products, especially for large decorative engineering projects.   HOYECHI also hopes to cooperate deeply with scenic spots and parks around the world, we will provide free lighting products for commercial display, and then cooperate to share the revenue.    Email gaoda@hyclight.com  Welcome your inquiry!,

              Zhejiang Yangtze River PUMP Co., Ltd.

              Main Products:

              Introduct: Zhejiang Yangtze River PUMP Co., Ltd. is located in the southeast of China.Relying on strong scientific, technological strength and reliable management foundation,we have passed the ISO9001-2000 international standard quality system certification. Our company ’s main product include: water centrifugal pump,sewage centrifugal pump,chemical centrifugal pump,double diaphragm pump,Screw Pump,gear oil pump,Diesel Engine Driven Water Pump.Our company specializes in such products and has got relevant certificates.Widely used in farmland irrigation, rural drinking water, municipal engineering, power station, chemical, water plant, industrial and mining enterprises.,

              Zhejiang Huajian Commodity Inspection Co. LTD

              Main Products:

              Introduct: Zhejiang Huajian Commodity Inspection Co., LTD. (referred to as HQC) is a third party inspection and testing institution recognized by Fortune 500 enterprises. The company mainly provides supplier qualification assessment (factory inspection), goods acceptance (inspection service), container loading supervision, product testing, factory management consulting and other services for customers in the Asia-Pacific region and the rest of the world. HQC especially proficient in clothing, underwear, shoes, fabrics, bags, ornaments, plush products, home textiles, leather products, such as non durable goods And durable consumer goods, including: electrical and electronics products, furniture, household products, printing and packaging, entertainment, fashion accessories, gifts, toys, sports equipment and other industrial building and technology components. Such as: automotive parts, casting and forging, hydraulic components, machinery, metal components and components, mold and precision tools, welding and other inspection and testing, and can provide technical support for manufacturing enterprises, for customers to provide a complete set of solutions. Now HQC can provide customers with quality assurance, product inspection, factory quality technology and social responsibility assessment, product testing, consulting services and so on throughout the country. With more than 200 professionals with rich industry knowledge and experience, HQC has become the best quality control partner for international buyers in China. It is often said that it is difficult to build trust but easy to lose it. With product recalls and sub-quality incidents reaching historic high levels, HQC relies on industry-recognized first-class training system and strict professional code of ethics. Supplier evaluation, product testing and product inspection programs are provided to ASSURE the buyer that the products fully meet the agreed quality requirements and meet the customer's implicit expectations.,

              Shenzhen Wisdomshow Technology Co.,Ltd

              Main Products:

              Introduct: 1. We are the Manufacturer= own factory+ machine design+Sheet metal produced by ourself+spray the powder+ strong assemble the machine team + packaging+free training. 2. More than 11 years experiences in PCB BGA chips rework station, Over 20 R&D engineers. 3. Has been the biggest factory in the BGA rework field in China. 4. Over 100000 Global User. 5. Speedy and high quality customer service and whole-life after-sale service. 6. Deliver goods to customer all over the world with speed and precision.,

              Zhongshan Desly Foodstuffs Co.,Ltd.

              Main Products:

              Introduct: Desly is a modern integrated manufacturing enterprise dedicated to research, development, production of traditional Chinese condiments in South China. We are mainly engaged in producing naturally brewed soy sauce, seasoning sauce, vinegar and sesame oil. We have two leading brands SAUCE GRANDMASTER and JADE BRIDGE. With an experienced and professional sales and technician team, our products already sell to all over the world. With positive market reputation, we are ranking in the leading team of food industry!,

              Shanghai SmileMBB Technology Co.,LTD

              Main Products:

              Introduct: Smilembb focuses on 4G and 5G communications technology, providing IoT products and services of 4G CPE Router, 5G indoor CPE and 5G outdoor CPE, industrial gateway, and portable MiFi.   Meanwhile, SmileMbb owns a professional R&D team with over 100 engineers and a production capacity of up to 800K per month and supports OEM and ODM service for customers globally.,

              单县广告有限公司 德清县竹木有限公司 开化县麻类有限公司 微山县科技有限公司 峨眉山市食用菌有限公司 平阳县花木有限公司
              三门县干草有限公司 平邑县餐饮有限公司 东阿县果仁有限公司 商洛市坚果有限公司 内江市动物有限公司 莒南县食用菌有限公司
              梁山县培训有限公司 康定市棉类有限公司 德清县藤苇有限公司 安康市家禽有限公司 缙云县咖啡有限公司 陇南市木炭有限公司